“We want a true partnership with our clients”

TriFinance is growing and has the ambition to progressively develop the Liège market. That’s why Filip Coolen, BCB Leader of the division ‘Transition & Support’ Brussels, decided to hire Project Manager Emilie Dedée. She studied at Hec Liège and has solid financial experience in different large companies in Wallonia.

“Until now, TriFinance focused primarily on the Flemish area, Brussels and Walloon Brabant. We already have several clients in the broader Walloon region, but up to now there was no structural approach to develop this market”, Filip says. “The Liège market is one of the prime economical centers of the Walloon region, and is now more mature and open to outsourcing and has more needs in temporary support.” Emilie adds: “The Walloon economy is doing well and the outlook is encouraging. More specifically, in the Liège province, next to business doing well, also on society level, a large number of projects are on the agenda such as the Trilogiport, the development of the airport, the tramway, big events, etc. All this will bring growth of the economy and need for support during transition in both business environment and society projects.”

Emilie Dedée and Filip Coolen: "We truly believe that helping people to find their own career path and to grow on all levels, leads to motivation, better performance, increased market value and satisfied customers."


Filip: “The TriFinance division ‘Transition & Support’ offers temporary support and permanent recruitment of finance professionals at all levels of a finance organisation. One of our differentiators is our approach as well as our network organisation, providing a broad experience in all areas of Finance. We employ not only junior profiles, but also people with 5 to 15 years experience and interim managers. This means we can answer to all financial needs, combining services in pragmatic, tailor-made, do-how solutions.”

Emilie: “Our main differentiator is our primary objective to further people for better performance in do-how. We truly believe that helping people to find their own career path, to grow on all levels, leads to motivation, better performance, increased market value and satisfied customers. Furthering people constitutes a win-win-win situation for the organization, the consultants and the customers. Our role as organisation is to give the tools and trainings to be up-to-date.”

Filip: “Actually we offer employability to all our employees. We offer them the possibility to develop themselves in terms of technical and soft skills, towards their professional ambition and destination. As such, we enable them to remain up-to-date and in line with the behaviour, skills and knowledge requested today and tomorrow by the market and by our clients.”


Filip: “We are not a traditional finance supplier. Clients are convinced by our approach and added value. Our people have a ‘Me inc.®’ mindset, implying that they are self-starting and self-propelling, have the technical background, a passion for finance and - being client facing - also have clearly developed soft skills. They are our true assets and it’s important that they end up at a company, adhering to our values and philosophy.”

Emilie: “Our goal is to provide both our clients and our professionals with added value. We manage this by our know-how and do-how in finance, thorough understanding of the business and needs, tailor-made solutions and open communication. At TriFinance, our people come first and our purpose is to develop them to high-quality profiles for our clients. When the client believes in our philosophy, we develop true partnerships.”

Development through networking

Emilie: “To me, a Liégeois is open-minded and has a quite informal relation type. We sometimes find it hard to deal with more reserved people. That’s the whole networking story. The principality of Liège is maybe still in our mind. (laughs) We believe that to develop a region efficiently, it's easier with locals having the same culture, communication habits,... and even more for Liège.”

Filip: “Liège is a region where the local aspect is very important. And that’s why we hired Emilie.” (laughs)

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