Wanted: consultants and project managers!

Tina De Groote, business consultant at MI&S, explains the profiles she is actively recruiting. What does it really take to become an MI&S-consultant or project manager?

‘Your educational background is not the most important key to your entry at MI&S. Though we rather prefer masters and bachelors within accountancy and business, we even have historians. People with atypical profiles sometimes have a broader vision. When they pursue a career at MI&S, it proves their ambition and passion for business.

Very important is your experience in controlling: you should have a first controlling background. Maybe you worked as a controller, or you performed controlling tasks next to your other responsibilities in a different finance function.

Maybe, it is your mindset that makes you an ideal MI&S-consultant: you keep asking questions, dig into details and want to fully understand processes and systems. Also, you like to comment on your findings: that is the reporting mindset we are looking for.
One more detail to mention: we appreciate the right soft skills: you should be dynamic and enthusiastic, open, honest and with your feet on the ground.

And what about systems and tools? Sure, as we are system-independent consultants, we do not need a very detailed expertise in one particular ERP-system. Rather, you must be capable of understanding the transaction flow of several ERP- and reporting systems from a conceptual point. You must understand what systems do and how they work, without being an engineer capable of writing their software codes. The broader your system knowledge, the better!’
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