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Start to Invest: Tips & Tricks

Together with Finimize, Wouter Spitaels - founder of the TriFinance Invest community and member of the Risk Management and Compliance practice - organised a Start To Invest evening for which he invited Stijn Ceelen, Country Manager at BinckBank Belgium. During this knowledge sharing session, both shared their views, tips and tricks on how to build a personal portfolio.

Wouter opened the evening with a brief recap of the terminology and key take-away’s regarding Money, Strategy, Information and Return of the previous sessions. An essential starter before the main course of Stijn.

With the help of some eye-openers, Stijn took the audience to the core of the presentation, during which he elaborated on 5 essential tips and tricks for someone that would be into building his/her own portfolio.

1. Do second-level thinking

Don’t be guided by your first impression, but dig deeper into the information and numbers. We tend to overdraw trends of the past when extrapolating to the future.

2. Cut your losses

We subjectively feel the pain of a loss as double as hard as the joy of a gain. Hence it is necessary to cut dead-cold your losses once they pass the pre-set level of loss you were willing to bear. Else you’re just trying to create a smokescreen over the losses, rather than acknowledging them. 

3. There is no such thing as a free lunch

There is no such thing as a return without risk. When looking for new investment opportunities, one should always keep in mind “the higher the return, the higher the risk”. 

4. Taking risk is a necessity

Even though you may be on your watch for risks and cycles, the development of economic cycles (Market, Business, and Sentiment) will never follow a perfect pattern. Taking chances is indispensable. 

5. Fees are the only certainty to determine future success

Stijn stressed the importance of keeping an eye on the costs once investing and showed how little alternations in the fees had a significant impact on the final return. 

We closed the evening with a well-substantiated market outlook. As population evolution is one of the key drivers of economic growth, he warned that the EU growth potential is significantly limited by the declining natality and the ageing of the EU population.

Within this complex & rapidly changing financial environment, it's essential to stay informed. Invest communities such as 'Finimize' or 'Trifinance Invest' allow members to gain access to update financial knowledge, macroeconomic trends impacting the financial landscape and investing insights; all collected and shared by colleagues. In the end, investing in yourself is the best investment.

About Wouter Spitaels

After finishing his Master in Banking and Finance at UGent, Wouter started his professional career at TriFinance. As a member of TriFinance’s Young Hub Program, Wouter worked on several projects at three major clients within the Belgian financial sector. He first gained initial experience within the field of credits and mortgage loans at a large Retail Bank. Next, he got the opportunity to put his product risk management knowledge into practice at a Belgian Asset Manager. Currently, Wouter is working at the risk management department of one of Belgium’s largest insurers. Apart from risk management, Wouter is passionate about investing, trail running and vinyl.

Want to know more about Wouter’s first 3 years at TriFinance? Read more here.

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