“TriFinance is inspiring, so one advice: Apply now!”

A successful internship is the most efficient application. Through an internship you can develop yourself, you expand your network, you get introduced in professional life, and you can show what you’re capable of. By gaining work experience you improve your chances to find a job or you can even start immediately at the company where you did your internship. Employers love people who show initiative. Also TriFinance, where Me inc.’ers® are encouraged to create their own path. Last year T&S Brussels welcomed Suzanne Roobrouck for an internship in the recruitment team. She tells us about her experiences.

She’s 23 years old. Born in Kortrijk, fond of her family and friends, likes skiing and snowboarding. Last summer she graduated at the KU Leuven. “In June I graduated in Toegepaste Economische Wetenschappen”, tells Suzanne Roobrouck. “I don’t know yet what I want to do, as I’m interested in finance, marketing and HR.” So Suzanne decided to do different internships this school year. Starting at TriFinance, where she worked at the Blue Chip Boutique T&S Brussels, from October until half December.

Flat structure & Open atmosphere

“I got to know TriFinance at the job fair of Ekonomika. Moreover, the sister of a good friend is working at TriFinance. She told me that it is a fantastic company, with a flat structure and an open atmosphere. So I took a look on the website and I felt this could be something for me.”

Suzanne’s feeling seemed to be right. She immediately felt ‘at home’ in the T&S team. “I was a bit scared, because it was my first internship. I wondered what I would do if I had some question. But everyone was immediately there to help me. I never felt uncomfortable, I knew I could ask questions at any time. Moreover, I got many responsibilities, which gave me the feeling that I was really part of the team.”

Suzanne joined the recruitment team. “So what did I do? It all starts with the sourcing of new candidates on LinkedIn for example. Then I had to call the candidates and invite them for an interview. I also participated during the interviews. Afterwards I called the candidates to inform them if their interview had been positive or not. If positive, I would invite them for a next interview. Finally I was involved in the process of contract management. At the end of my internship I even got the opportunity to manage a job post from A to Z. It was really nice to get this responsibility.”

What did you like the most?

“What I liked the most were the personal contacts with the candidates. Especially the feeling you get when you’ve had an interview with a good candidate. You follow the whole recruitment process, and you quietly hope that they will get a contract.”

Were there things you didn’t like?

“When you are recruiting, you need to look proactively for talents on LinkedIn. That can get monotonous after a while. But my colleagues tried to avoid this kind of routine. If I was working too long on the same task, they noticed it immediately and gave me other tasks to bring variety.
In the beginning I found it hard to call people to invite them for an interview at a company you don’t know very well yet. That stressed me out a bit. Imagine that you make a mistake when you’re explaining our philosophy. But my colleagues always put me at ease.”

Dedicated to candidates & clients

Can you describe TriFinance in a few words?

I have a lot of words in mind: personal approach, energetic, open-minded and dedicated. TriFinance is truly dedicated to their candidates, the company and their clients. Employees are central and TriFinance wants to motivate them. During interviews I noticed that the company’s philosophy is crucial. Sometimes you have a top candidate, but if the recruiters feel that he wouldn’t feel good at TriFinance, then they won’t hire him. They want him to be happy at TriFinance. They’re also dedicated to their customers: they won’t place a consultant if they’re not fully convinced of the match between the consultant and the client.

What are your plans in the coming months?

“I noticed that at TriFinance my interest in finance was triggered again, as you’re having contacts with the finance consultants. So I was very happy that I met the best of both worlds at TriFinance, a mixture of HR and finance. I wonder if it will be possible to find the same atmosphere in another company. I think this flat organization is unique. Employees are central at TriFinance, which I think is not always the case in other companies. I’ve learned so many things, of different aspects. Also on a personal level: I have the feeling I’m stronger now. So I have one final advice to trainees: Apply now!”

Suzanne's tips for future trainees:

Don’t be scared.
“You can be at ease when you start at TriFinance. The colleagues are really nice and eager to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

Dare to ask responsibility. “TriFinance has an open culture that gives a lot of responsibility to their employees and trainees. That’s the whole philosophy behind the Me inc’ers® : create your own path.”

Ask for feedback during your internship. “To me this was very important. You immediately know if you’re doing well and where you can grow.”

Challenge yourself. “Dare to make phone calls. In the beginning calling candidates was out of my comfort zone. I am a social person, but calling people you don’t know, is another thing. Dare to get out of your comfort zone.”

T&S Brussels still has internships for this year. Does Suzanne’s experience motivate you to get to know us? Then find out our job post here!


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Suzanne Roobrouck: "Getting responsibility was great. I really felt part of the team."