"To facilitate processes for a client, gives me energy"

Xavier Verelst (31) is a Project Consultant at T&S Brussels, TriFinance. In 2012 he obtained his Bachelor Accountancy & Fiscal Sciences, one year later a postgraduate in Fiscal Sciences. He started his career in an accounting firm, then he made a switch to a Big 4 company and came to TriFinance in 2017.

“In my previous job, I did a 9-month project at a client and I liked it very much. At the same moment, I saw a job offer at TriFinance. During my first interview, it struck me that they listen to you, want to help you to develop yourself and won’t force you to do a mission without consultation. Since I’ve been working here, I feel the freedom you get, the support and the personal approach.”

Different experiences

“Until now, I’ve done 4 projects as a G/L Bookkeeper, in different corporate environments, such as waste management, manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industry. Currently I’m in the energy sector as a G/L specialist in the bookkeeping department. The first months, I also did the closing, but this task has now been taken over by a new colleague. At the moment, I assist the closing, and I’m doing ad hoc tasks, such as process improvements and cleaning the accounts. I also completed the financial statement, which was not so evident as there was a merger. Moreover, I’m working on tax-related tasks, such as VAT-client listings, fee forms 281.50 and declaration of the corporate income tax.”

Understanding your client

“All those projects give me the opportunity to understand what the client expects. You always need to listen carefully and think ahead. I’m mostly proud of those moments when I’m able to improve certain processes, so they are clearer and less time-consuming for the client. At one of my projects, the preparation of the VAT declaration consisted of 3 different excel files. I reduced it to one file, which made it more structured and less time-consuming. I really want to evolve further in the fields of Bookkeeping and Taxation. Certainly in facilitating processes in companies.”

Who is Xavier?

“In my spare time, I’m busy growing Belgian grapes in my greenhouse. I also have a vegetable garden. During the weekend, I do horse riding and two times a week I practice Krav Maga, Israeli martial arts. Krav Maga trainings are characterized by the fact that they take place in diverse realistic situations, like a kidnapping or an attack on important people. If I have to describe myself in a few words, I would say that I’m goal- and customer-oriented and reliable."

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