Power BI: new successful training offer

The TriFinance training offerings are growing at a steady pace. One of the new offerings: Power BI! What exactly is this training about? And who should take the course? We ask Evert Augustyns, project consultant and trainer at MI&S, to give us more insights.

First things first: can you briefly explain what Power BI is all about?

Evert Augustyns: ‘Simply put, Power BI is a self-service tool for business intelligence within the Microsoft stack. It’s the ideal tool for those controllers wishing to gain insights in data and nicely visualize these insights without having to invest huge amounts of money in expensive alternative tools. See it as a very approachable self-service tool in the cloud.’
Very approachable? So why is MI&S organizing Power BI trainings?

Augustyns: ‘We feel there is a huge need from the controllers’ community to get trained in Power BI. Yet, the audience we are aiming at with our trainings is quite diverse. In fact, everybody wishing to bring reporting to a higher level, would be well off with our Power BI training.’

What’s on the menu?

Augustyns: ‘As we are well-known for our hands-on approach in everything we do at MI&S, we give a very practical training. We use the ‘Contoso’ environment, the fictional company created by Microsoft enabling us to make realistic exercises. We start with structuring data sources and help our trainees to see the logic behind and between all these data. Next, we provide them with loads of tips&tricks when using Power BI. A large focus is put on the visualization aspect: which KPI’s do you want to present in your dashboard, and how can you nicely visualize them? All in all, the training takes one day and a half. We offer inhouse trainings at the clients’ premises as well as open trainings.’

If I take a training, what skills will I take home?

Augustyns: ‘At the end of our sessions, you will be capable of building a report, define KPI’s, publish the report in the cloud and build nice dashboards. By far, the most important lesson you will learn is to get structure in your data. Because structuring data is the prerequisite to all the rest when it comes to reporting.’
Some people might find it difficult to see the difference between Power BI and Power Pivot.
Augustyns: ‘Well, they both belong to the MS stack, that’s true. Power BI is running in the cloud. It’s more powerful in visualizing data than Power Pivot. In essence, Power Pivot is a functionality within Excel. It might be better at dealing with pivottables, but Power BI is by far better in visualizing.’

Do I need specific knowledge before enrolling for this course?

Augustyns: ‘I would advise to first take a one-day training course ‘Dimensional Modelling’. It will teach you the fundamentals about databases, tables and their relations. After this training, you will be well equipped to enroll in our Power BI course.’

One final question: how is it as a project consultant to be trainer as well?

Augustyns: ‘It’s great fun! For one thing, I like training as an easy way to bring added value to our clients. It’s pleasant to feel you can teach something to people. It’s part of my vocation to help clients softly slip away from their 20something Excel files and help them setting up structured data instead. But oh believe me: after one day of training, I’m tired as a dog!’

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