“Open and honest...I really fit into TriFinance”

TriFinance has a unique philosophy, where employees are central. Motivated employees are the best ambassadors. In this series of articles they are telling us their story. They once started working at TriFinance, to leave later on and come back. Why? Because they can. Because everyone creates his own path. ‘Typical TriFinance. Typical You.’


I am Isabelle Cammaerts and I studied Commercial Sciences at the VUB. I’ve been working for almost 12 years at TriFinance now. I’m project manager at the Blue Chip Boutique Transition & Support Brussels. Since a few months I’m also a mentor for my younger colleagues.

When did you start the first time at TriFinance?

I started here in 2006. At that moment I had 3,5 years of experience in audit. I didn’t know quite well what I wanted...Finance has a wide scope. TriFinance then called me to invite me for an interview. So the ball started rolling.

Why TriFinance?

I liked the idea to discover new things and have the opportunity to find out what I like and what I don’t like. Thanks to my projects I now know that I like Analysis, Reporting, Budgeting, Forecasting, etc. Also the link with the business. I’m not the person that wants to stay behind her computer. I want to see the numbers in the business, and then cooperate to give them an added value.

What did you do?

My first project was in Reporting, at an electrical engineering company. The CFO asked me to stay for a project around SAP-implementation. I was not interested, but my coach told me more about the job content, and he convinced me. They took over a small company in Leuven, where I started as Business Unit Controller. That was really my thing. In total I stayed there for two years. I even met my man over there. Letting me talk into this project wasn’t that bad after all. (laughs)
Then I did a project in the pharma sector, as Master Data Team Lead. It was my first experience with people management. I had a good boss who gave me a lot of tips and tricks. Afterwards I worked 9 months at a gaming technology company - the lotteries - and at a management consulting company.
After 4 years my coach advised me to go into sales. So I started internally as Business Manager, where I could combine sales and finance. I could sell what I knew and I liked it. Again I learned many new things. But in the end I saw all those nice projects passing by and I didn’t want to give them to others… I wanted to do them myself. I missed my numbers, I’m a real number lady. (laughs)

Leaving TriFinance?

I felt the need to have permanent colleagues. Another important factor was people management. It’s totally different if you lead a team as temporary consultant or as permanent team lead.
In the meanwhile I had a son and we wanted a second child. I thought it would be impossible to be a mother with two children and consultant.

What happened afterwards?

With the help of TriFinance I found a job as controlling manager at a HR specialist. The job content was fantastic, but I didn’t find my way in that company. I honestly told them. If it doesn’t work, you can better be open. Then everyone knows what’s going on.

Why TriFinance again?

Everyone asked me why I was coming back. I was first looking for permanent positions, but I realized that I wanted to learn continuously and discover new things. In every function there will be things that you don’t like, but you will also learn from it. Currently I’m working in a Japanese company. Their culture and my way of being don’t match, but that’s the challenge.
What I like the most at TriFinance, is that I can totally be myself. I’m quite straightforward, I can clearly say what I want and what I don’t want. It’s really nice that TriFinance listens to you.


Two and a half years ago I indicated that I wanted to do more for TriFinance, as I also wanted to grow to project manager. Since September I am also a mentor. I support my mentees with tips and tricks.

‘Typical TriFinance’?

One of my colleagues was offered a permanent function at a client. It was the perfect job, but she didn’t feel good towards TriFinance. So she spoke about it here and they said to her: ‘We don’t want to lose you, but you can’t let this train pass you by.’ That openness and honesty… which company would do that?

TriFinance is so difficult to explain to others. My husband always says: ‘Employees first, yeah right, that’s impossible’. But last year we were invited to Amsterdam, where our founder and chairman of the Executive Leadership Team Gert Smit gave a speech. Now my husband understands me. (laughs) I really fit into TriFinance.

‘Typical you’?

“Strong people don't put others down… They lift them up.”

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