“My walk to Compostela made me realize I still felt part of TriFinance”

TriFinance has a unique philosophy, where employees are central. Motivated employees are the best ambassadors. In this series of articles they are telling us their story. They once started working at TriFinance, to leave later on and come back. Why? Because they can. Because everyone creates his own path. ‘Typical TriFinance. Typical You.’


I’m Sophie Dubois. I love pilates, walking and my cat. Another hobby is cooking; especially testing out new recipes and desserts with less sugar.
In June 2012 I graduated at the VUB, where I studied Toegepaste Economische Wetenschappen. I started at TriFinance in the Young Hub Program, in September 2012. I started as a project consultant; my first assignment was at a leasing company in Brussels, which is now one of my clients. My first mission was in financial administration.

Why TriFinance?

During my education I had never heard about TriFinance. It was during a selection procedure somewhere else I’ve heard about it. I wanted to check it out and had my first interview. The variation in projects within finance was very interesting for me. Also the Me inc.® aspect and the open culture within the company made me come to the second interview. I had a good connection with the people I met and it just felt right.

Leaving TriFinance?

After a year I felt I was not in the right place somehow. It wasn’t the company, but rather the job content. I always loved finance but once in it, I missed interaction and commercial aspects.
At that moment I was contacted by another company, where I had the opportunity to start as a project manager. I was responsible for a portfolio of clients and was the contact person between the IT department - making the websites and webshops - and the customers. This was a very interesting experience, but the spirit of the company was totally different and I quickly realized it would be difficult for me to adapt to this culture.
Then I decided to become self-employed. I didn’t want to launch myself again into a company before I knew what I really wanted to do. During this period I worked for different small companies and did prospection, financial administration and digital communication.

Why TriFinance again?

After several months I decided to take up a challenge. I did the Compostela route, which was a period of several weeks where I really had the time to reflect.
I realized that I talked about TriFinance as if I was still part of it. It was my brother-in-law who told me to pick up the phone to call my former boss and have a talk with her. And so I did. I started again as a project consultant. The team knew that pure financial assignments were not for me, so I started on a mission where commercial flair was combined with finance.


After my assignment of one year I clearly indicated to the Basecamp team that I wanted a job with more commercial focus. At that time they were looking for a Business Manager. I realized I needed to acquire more skills for this role. So we came to an agreement that I would first give it a try as a sales support. After a year my team gave me the chance to develop myself as Business Manager. Today I am Business Manager within the Transition and Support department. Together with four other BM’s we cover the Brussels and Flemish Brabant region. I focus on the automotive, FMCG and media & communication industries.

‘Typical TriFinance’?

TriFinance is a company open to discuss about your career path and especially about what you want to do.
When I worked as a consultant again, after a while I felt I was not in the right place, although in the right company. I remember talking about it to my Business Unit Leader where I expressed I wanted to evolve in a more commercial function. We brainstormed together and he did the same with his team. After a few weeks I got the message I could start in a sales support role to learn all the tricks needed to evolve to a Business Manager. Today I am in the role of Business Manager thanks to my entrepreneurship, but also thanks to the open mind of this company. For me this is typically TriFinance, they listen to you and will try to make it work. They challenge you to get the most out of yourself and support you when needed.

‘Typical you’?

Positive, to the point, never giving up. My motto: “Humor is mankind's greatest blessing.”

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