“My motivation? Being able to grow and trying to grow others”

TriFinance has a unique philosophy, where employees are central. Motivated employees are the best ambassadors. In this series of articles they are telling us their story. They once started working at TriFinance, to leave later on and come back. Why? Because they can. Because everyone creates his own path. ‘Typical TriFinance. Typical You.’


My name is Koen Van Nieuwenhove, I studied master in accountancy and master in tax sciences.
My motto is: ‘Enjoy life’! This includes travelling and good food - I am addicted to chocolate - and I appreciate modern art. I can recommend Kunst in Huis for people who want to get some art in their living room and support smaller artists at the same time.
Every month I try to go to a concert or a theater production. I also like to ride my mountain bike, explore some challenging trails, in the nature. So any tips on new bike trails and good restaurants are welcome.

When did you start the first time at TriFinance?

In July 2003 it was the first time I joined TriFinance. I started as a consultant at a shared service center for funeral businesses. My task was to look at several processes in the AP department. Later on I became responsible for the bookkeeping department, reporting to the CFO.

Why TriFinance?

At that point in time - in my still young career - I was looking for some new challenges and new experiences in my career. I wanted to see what was ‘out there’ in the world of finance and bookkeeping.

Leaving TriFinance?

After a couple of months at my first assignment, I decided to join the customer. I got a very nice opportunity there, in a changing environment. The company had some challenging opportunities for the future. It was a privilege for me to be part of a great team.

What happened afterwards?

Afterwards I redirected my career to more international companies. US GAAP, SOX, revenue recognition and ERP systems became my new way of life in my professional career.

Why TriFinance again?

After some nice experiences within companies, it felt right to use this knowledge in a consulting setting. This setting enables me to use and transfer this knowledge. Also, by getting back in consultancy, my learning curve will increase.

What is your function now?

Currently I am working as a Project Manager, on my second project at TriFinance. My current assignment is at a biopharmaceutical multinational, where I am following up on the daily bookkeeping work. I am also preparing the statutory accounts for a Dutch and a Belgian entity.

‘Typical TriFinance’?

Being able to grow, but also trying to grow others. As a more experienced employee, the mentoring program is very important. To me, this means that I can share knowledge and assist colleagues in their projects, in their professional careers. 

‘Typical you’?

Not a quote ‘typically me', but a quote I really like, by Einstein:
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.

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