My first 10 years at TriFinance

I’ll keep on 'furthering' as long as I can!

Bram Servaes, Project Manager at TriFinance Financial Institutions, looks back at his first 10 years at TriFinance, his roles as consultant and mentor and the perspectives and challenges in his various assignments.

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My trajectory at TriFinance Financial Institutions

I was still at the University when I heard about TriFinance in 2008. As a final-year Commercial Sciences student, I was on the train from Brussels to Ghent when I got into a conversation with a secondary school acquaintance who had just signed a contract with this 'mysterious' TriFinance.

Talking with him triggered my interest and I started to inform myself about this new player. The more I learned about TriFinance, the more I was attracted by its story, namely strong commitment to the growth of the consultants. I sent my application letter and after some nice conversations in an informal atmosphere, I was convinced to sign my contract with the Financial Institutions Business Unit (or Blue Chip Boutique, as the units are called in the meantime).

A wide-ranging and challenging role

After six fascinating years as a Project Consultant at TriFinance Financial Institutions, I became Project Manager. This new role was a real challenge as it includes various aspects ranging from strategy development, knowledge management and mentoring.

I recently became the mentor of two more colleagues who started working as Credit Analysts. In this role, I will be supporting them in terms of technical skills and soft skills. I will assist them ‘on the job’ for the entire duration of their project.

Continuous learning, continuous growth

I had the opportunity to take part in numerous training courses but also to share the acquired knowledge with the organization in our Expert Teams that have recently been transformed into full-fledged Practices in the context of our new operating model.

In 10 years time, our Business Unit Financial Institutions has come a long way: Ten years ago TriFinance was a company of 250 professionals of which 10 to 15 were working at the unit Financial Institutions (FI). The way we operated at FI in the last 10 years evolved organically over time. We have built solid experience and gained knowledge in various domains. As we have reached a certain size now, we gradually felt the need to increase our focus and to organise our way of working more systematically.

This is why the concept of Practices has been introduced, a story which I was happy to join.

Ten years after my start ...

Looking back on the past ten years, I notice that I have built up an extensive network within the sector thanks to the various projects involving key players in the market. I have taken part in countless events and team buildings and have made many friends within TriFinance (and unfortunately also see a number of them leave).

Initially, I intended to stay for 1 year at TriFinance after which I would try to find a permanent job. This plan did not succeed, because there are too many things in this company that I like: the framework, the flexibility, the variety of projects, the development opportunities, the combination of project work at the customer in combination with internal tasks at TriFinance such as mentoring and knowledge sharing,... Result: I ended up hanging out here for ten years already. And with great pleasure of course! Time flies...

How I see my future at TriFinance

I look forward to new assignments that will continue to offer added value to the customer. I remain an enthusiastic mentor for new colleagues and take part in the recently established Operations Practice, where I take the lead in the sub-stream 'Credits'.

Currently, we are defining the deliveries and roadmap for the coming months and years. We aim to have a clear view of the current and future challenges in the Credits sector to anticipate what our clients will need. We are also determining a Credits training plan with training sessions intended for internal and external audiences.

Together with my Practice colleagues, we cooperate in realizing our strategic plan The Leap Forward "2020". In short, I’ll keep on 'furthering' as long as I can!

About Bram Servaes

After starting his career in the financial sector in operations at AG Insurance, Bram quickly realized he wanted to further himself as a consultant. Ambitioning the role of Project Manager, he joined TriFinance 10 years ago and evolved from Junior Consultant to Senior Project Manager. Throughout this decade, Bram took up different roles at different clients, from niche players in the Financial Sector to the Big 4 banks, covering also different domains. This path provided him with strong methodological skills, but even more with technical expertise in Finance, Credits and different insurance products and processes. Bram is driven by the passion to challenge and reform the current way of working. He is known as a flexible, hands-on consultant with a pragmatic approach, able to deliver tailormade solutions.

About TriFinance’s Operations Practice

The TriFinance Operations practice is supporting financial institutions to manage the key challenges they are facing and will keep on facing in the coming years: managing their IT & cultural legacy, achieving productivity gains (by using new technologies such as RPA), moving towards exception management, handling regulatory related constraints and reducing operational risk. The Practice currently has five sub-streams: Treasury & Financial Markets, Asset Management, Credits, Payments & Accounts and Insurance.

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My career in a nutshell

In 10 years, I had the opportunity to take part in several projects at Banks and Insurers in various roles and departments.


  1. BNP Paribas
  2. AG Insurance
  3. P&V
  4. Argenta Spaarbank
  5. Delta Lloyd Life
  6. Argenta Verzekeringen
  7. Fidea
  8. ING

Various roles

  1. Business Analyst
  2. Project Manager
  3. Process Analyst
  4. Credit Analyst
  5. Value Proposition Analyst
  6. Application Manager
  7. Customer Journey Expert

Differents departements

  1. Accounting
  2. Finance
  3. Project & Process Management
  4. Credit Risk Control
  5. Marketing
  6. Operations
  7. Mortgages