Have a look at the real life of MI&S-consultants

To fully understand what MI&S-consultants are doing, we sneak in at the Matexi headquarters in Waregem and have a chat with Astrid Lauwereys and Peter Liekens. They both started at MI&S in the course of 2017, and are ideally suited to explain what their working life is all about.

Welcome at Matexi! The real estate developer active all over the country is housing some of our MI&S consultants. Astrid Lauwereys (26) and Peter Liekens (28) joined TriFinance MI&S only a couple of months ago. At Matexi they work fulltime at the headquarters, under the guidance and mentoring of Maarten Lauwaert, manager at MI&S.

Astrid Lauwereys: ‘I studied commercial engineering. After graduating, I started immediately at TriFinance in the Transition&Support unit (T&S). In 2017 I joined MI&S, where I currently am working as a consultant. I knew from the beginning I wanted to be a consultant and eventually grow into project management. Joining one of the Big 4 was not my cup of tea: the company is simply too big for me. I didn’t want to become just a personnel number. TriFinance could offer me more variety.’

Peter Liekens: ‘I am a commercial engineer me too. I worked for a small financial consultancy firm and gained experience in audit, accounting and controlling. Since March 2017 I am working at MI&S. I think I made the right choice in doing so: I particularly like the focus on systems, from a vendor-independent standpoint. Moreover, I really like controlling.’

Their days at Matexi are packed with demanding projects. The aim is to convert all project budgets to a BPC-tool. The project covers gathering historical data and information about the structure of the projects, and make prognoses about the future P&L’s of the projects. Since there are some 200 projects at Matexi, the job both consultants are doing is huge and complex.

The atmosphere is positive, they are thrilled by the fact they can discover new companies, new systems, new people. Liekens: ‘we are encouraged to take initiatives ourselves. Even though we have a good MI&S manager at our side, he emphasizes that he is not going to do the job in our place.’ Lauwereys: ‘the mentoring is very personal, I appreciate it a lot.’

So what about the future? Both consultants have gained a first experience, and thanks to their current position as consultant, they are in the driving seat to further their career. Liekens: ‘I discover my analytical interests. In the future, I still want to be part of a team, with a strong focus on analyzing things. I am more of a specialist than a generalist.’ Lauwereys has different ambitions: ‘I would like to become a project manager. First, I want to gain more controlling experience. Then, I want to have a real impact on systems, and become a project manager. I am sure, I will get this possibility within MI&S!’

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