Down-to-earth: Serge Vigoureux on the thrills at MI&S

Serge Vigoureux, business unit leader at MI&S, explains the profile of his somewhat special consultants. Down-to-earth, do-how and steep learning curves are on the menu.

Serge, what kind of consultants are working at MI&S?

Serge Vigoureux: ‘We typically attract people who want more than what they get at the classical Big 4 consultancy firms. Our consultants are specialists in ‘do-how’. They stand with both feet in the daily practice of the companies they are working at, rather than delivering stand-alone advice.’

Being a controller, why would I join the MI&S team as a consultant or project manager?

Vigoureux: ‘Frankly speaking: for many reasons. Apart from the obvious do-how, you will learn to work in projects, where you will get the skills needed to keep growing in your future jobs. Also, you will get expert mentoring from our experienced managers: they are at your side and ready to help wherever needed. And you will get to know different sectors, companies, products, systems, …’

OK, you almost got me in. How about the working attitude?

Vigoureux: ‘We are a group of colleagues who all are very down-to-earth. You could see us as a bunch of comrades rather than a group of egos. At MI&S, we are open-minded and working in a flat hierarchy with open and direct internal feedback. If I would be 28 again, I would not want to work for a Big 4 player but rather join MI&S. Unfortunately, there was no MI&S at that time yet…’

Why are you looking for new colleagues?

Vigoureux: ‘Due to our very specific and unique positioning, in between advice and implementation, we are growing fast. So in the course of 2018 we need some ten new colleagues to realize our growth potential.’ 

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