'CPM: back to basic': looking back on a succesful MI&S event

CPM should re-invent itself: back to basic. The aim of this event, organized by MI&S – TriFinance was clear: (re)define a clear definition of Corporate Performance Management, differentiate it from Business Intelligence, make the step from insight to systems and learn from some real-world business cases.

(Serge Vigoureux, business unit leader MI&S)

In his welcoming speech, Serge Vigoureux, business unit leader MI&S at TriFinance, reminded the audience of the pyramid structure controllers should base their work on: from data through ERP and BI all the way to CPM. ‘Together with CFO-Magazine, we carried out a survey amongst some 100 CFO’s. Surprisingly enough, there was quite some misunderstanding about definitions and systems in the field of CPM.’

It was up to Christophe Lemmens, manager at MI&S, to try and clarify these definitions. ‘Whereas Gartner mainly make a distinction between financial and strategic CPM, we strongly focus on the difference between managerial and strategic CPM. The latter is a more high-level approach that really helps to drive the company’s strategy.’

(Christophe Lemmens, manager MI&S)

As one of the findings in the CFO-survey showed that many companies still use BI-tools – and even Excel – for CPM, Maarten Lauwaert, manager at MI&S, gave a clear overview on architecture and systems used in both BI and CPM. Also, he addressed common data structure and reconciliation issues.

(Maarten Lauwaert, manager MI&S)

The event did not only address theory. Two practical CPM-issues were brought. Sam Van Roosbroeck, group controller at JBC, gave a keen outline of how the company introduced a user-friendly CPM-tool throughout the organization. Dries Van Avermaet, director at MI&S, explained about a project he managed at allnex, where operational BI was reinforcing managerial CPM reporting.

(Sam Van Roosbroeck, group controller JBC)

(Dries Van Avermaet, director MI&S)

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