Cosie goes for Iron...

Cosie Goudesone, project consultant at MI&S, is a passionate man. When not solving ERP- and other controller issues at a client's premises, he is swimming, biking and running like hell. Why? Because he is preparing for the one and only 'Iron Man' triathlon in Hawaï. Read the interview and watch the pictures here. 

Cosie, first things first: tell us about yourself...

Cosie Goudesone: 'I'm 28 years old, and currently working as an MI&S project consultant at Matexi. I started this project in December last year, and will continue doing so until at least June 2018.'

What is your triathlon background?

Goudesone: 'I started with small ones, although still a combination of swimming, biking and running. I did my first full triathlon in 2016, in Zurich. Being a fulltime consultant, I could only train about 9 hours per week, but anyhow the result in Zurich was quite satisfying. That's when I discovered I might be good at it. So, I decided to go the extra mile and aim for the highest.'


Goudesone: 'The Iron Man on Hawaï, of course!'

Remind us of the challenge...

Goudesone: 'A full triathlon consists of 3,8 km swimming, 180 kilometers biking, and finish up by running a full marathon, 42,195 km.'

How do you prepare?

Goudesone: 'Well, you have to get selected to participate in Hawaï. That's why I will participate in the Iron Man of Nice (24 June) and Copenhagen (19 August). Within my age group (males between 25 and 30) I have to finish first or second. In this age group there are almost 300 participants... So honestly, I think I make little chance. But if I make it, I will participate in Hawaï on 13 October. First, let's concentrate on Nice and Copenhagen. I would consider Hawaï as a pure gift in the unlikely event I manage to get the ticket...'

How do you combine training and working?

Goudesone: 'From January to August 2018 I work only 70% of a fulltime. This enables me to actively train some 20 hours per week: swimming, biking and running. Apart from these active trainings, I also do some non-active trainings, such as stability exercises and electrotherapy for my knee. All together these training take up to 30 hours per week.'

I take it for granted you are very much focused. Tell us why TriFinance should be happy to have you in its consultancy team.

Goudesone: 'Honestly, I am stubborn, go the extra mile, and never give up. Earlier this year, I ran in trouble with my knee. I never considered giving up. When I engage myself for something, I go for it all the way. Trouble? Cut the crap, always think in terms of finding solutions.'

Nice! We wish you all the best in Nice and Copenhagen, and hope you will be in Hawaï later this year!

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