Impressive growth of Verisure helps consultants TriFinance to improve themselves

The growth of Verisure is impressive. While searching for permanent staff, no less than thirteen consultants from TriFinance helped to get all the work done, and to help improve the way of reporting, controlling and measuring growth. Doing so the consultants themselves - Me inc.®’ers (me incorporated) - gained additional knowledge and experience.

Ine Geladé has a Master's degree in Applied Economics and is consultant at TriFinance’s Blue Chip Boutique (BCB) ‘Transition & Support’ Brussels. In 2017 she worked six months at Verisure, which was her first project with TriFinance at an external client. There, she was responsible for the daily Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) tasks. AP consisted of handling and paying invoices, mastercard and expenses, follow-up of cash flow, filling in intrastat and follow-up of supplier accounts. AR was about attributing client payments to the right account and follow-up of mails from customer service.

Ine Geladé: “All of these things will help me in my future projects.” 

“I was happy because of my achievements: the backlog in invoices was resolved, vendor accounts were cleaned, a good work flow was established, manuals were made and a structure for handling damage compensations was installed”, says Ine. She emphasizes that ‘Transition & Support’ not only performs a job. “We also try to cooperate with different departments to work more efficiently. We search for the things that aren’t working well and change these. I enjoyed working at Verisure. There was a nice atmosphere and I had nice colleagues. I had the opportunity to increase my knowledge in bookkeeping. It was a good first experience to learn more about the organisation of a finance team. All of these things will help me in my future projects.”

TriFinance's consultants Ine Geladé, Marco Muru and Evert Augustyns joined Verisure's finance department.

Business controlling

This applies also for Marco Muru, from the BCB ‘Transition & Support’ Ghent: “It was my first full-time project in business controlling. I learned the importance of understanding the underlying business. As opposed to a purely financial view, it adds qualitative interpretation to quantitative analysis. I will be able to use this aspect in my following projects.” Marco works since 2012 with TriFinance. He has a master in International Studies and a bachelor in Banking and Business Administration. He has done several projects in bookkeeping, credit management, project management and business control. In 2017 Marco supported the Verisure Controlling team during 7 months. “Verisure is a dynamic environment, which gave me a lot of energy. It was one of the most challenging and interesting projects I have done so far. The good teamwork allowed a good learning curve for both the team and myself.” The focus of Marco’s project was twofold: on the one hand gathering and analyzing the data from the different systems for the monthly closing. The analysis included a very good understanding of the underlying business, allowing me to explain the variance through business drivers."

Marco Muru: “I learned the importance of understanding the underlying business.” 

On the other hand, the second focus was about data consistency analysis. Due to the different systems, and databases being used with different owners (Marketing, Bookkeeping, HR), there were several challenges in reconciling the data between them. Marco: “We thus saw room for improvement and, together with the controlling team, we started analyzing the systems and processes, to explore possibilities to make the reporting activities running more smoothly. At the end of the project, we had a good discussion for the next steps towards the harmonization of the closing reporting tools.”

Marco stresses: “TriFinance’s consultants bring flexibility and a critical look. Besides doing the job, we strive for improvement, applying the knowledge and experience from previous projects. We are quickly adapting ourselves to the company culture and way of working and at the same time spotting opportunities for improving the financial reporting processes.”


The project of Evert Augustyns at Verisure started in November 2017 and lasted until the end of May 2018. He became a Me inc.®’er for TriFinance in 2012 when he started with the Young Hub program. Evert has a bachelor as Financial and Tax Consultant. In 2017 he attended the masterclass Agile Enterprise Engineering and Architecture. He worked in several projects as consultant of the BCB ‘Transition & Support’ Antwerp until he moved to the BCB Management Information & Systems (MI&S) where he’s focusing on reporting projects in Power BI and Excel.

Evert emphasizes that he grew as a Me inc.®’er, partially also because the freedom he had at Verisure in developing solutions. He specifies: “Of course Maarten (Lauwaert, red.) was always available to share his expertise if needed. First we did a system scan of the entire organisation to identify the gaps between the current systems. Following on that system scan, we brought the current Excel reporting to a next level. We decided to use Microsoft Power BI as the new reporting tool because it is very user friendly for business users and it is designed to be maintained by a controller instead of an IT’er.”

“The project was split up in 3 different streams: Financial Reporting, HR Reporting and Call Center Reporting”, explains Evert. “After having created 3 different data models, we created multiple dashboards and Excel reports which connect to Power BI in the cloud. The advantage of this cloud source is that every user can create his own reports on the same data and data model, so Power BI acts like a single source of truth for reporting. The data are also refreshed every night to make sure the users work with the most recent data.”

Evert Augustyns: “We combine technical and functional knowledge with a broad experience.”

“To me, my added value was visible in 2 different ways. On the one hand, we have the functional and conceptual knowledge on how to build a good data model which is flexible enough for reporting, and we dare to ask the right critical questions in order to understand what the business really wants. On the other hand, we also have enough technical knowledge on Power BI to build proper reports in the tool. This unique combination of technical and functional knowledge, combined with a broad experience, makes that we can go one step further to deliver a good end result.”

“There was a good collaboration with the main stakeholders at Verisure and they picked up our solution really well. This ensures that we can leave it in good hands”, concludes Evert.

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Impressive growth of Verisure helps consultants TriFinance to improve themselves
Impressive growth of Verisure helps consultants TriFinance to improve themselves