Teamleader: scaling up the finance department

Scaling up is described as the best kind of challenge, since it means the company is growing strong. At the same time, pressure on all departments is high. Teamleader’s finance team needed more hands on deck quickly, and TriFinance consultant Annelies Couck’s aggregated skills proved to be essential for furthering the finance processes.

About Teamleader

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Ghent, Teamleader is currently active in six countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain. It serves nearly 10,000 customers, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, providing them with a cloud-based solution for CRM, project management, and invoicing.

Why TriFinance?

Teamleader, while in search for a new member for its finance team, was struggling to cover its daily finance activities, and to prepare for the year closing. Within two weeks after the first meeting with TriFinance, Annelies Couck joined the Teamleader finance team for a 3 month intensive project.

The challenge

Growing fast means no more business as usual. The follow-up of daily financial activities becomes an overwhelming challenge. With the year-end closing coming up, Teamleader needed someone with both a broad operational skillset to process the backlog, and an analytical mindset to prepare the company for the upcoming audit.

The result

The Teamleader finance team managed to get everything ready in time for the year-end closing and the audit. “The experiences I have gathered during former projects at TriFinance, for a.o. Dana Belgium, Dossche Mills, Becton Dickinson and Battery Supplies, allowed me to quickly assess the specific needs of Teamleader”, Annelies Couck says. “It didn’t take me long to establish links between different financial activities, and Teamleader allowed me to take up new responsibilities such as cleaning up the balance sheets and related issues. I consulted the internal TriFinance team a couple of times to help me with some technicalities, because of the urgency of the project I didn’t want to make mistakes. It turned out to be an intensive 3 months, in a great finance team, and it took my skillset to a whole new level.

Publicatiedatum: 8 oktober 2019
“The experiences I have gathered during former projects at TriFinance allowed me to quickly assess the specific needs of Teamleader”, Annelies Couck, TriFinance project consultant
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