Project Controlling in the space sector


Space Applications Services NV/SA is an independent Belgian company founded in 1987, with a subsidiary in Houston, USA. Their aim is to research and develop innovative systems, solutions and products and provide services to the aerospace and security markets and related industries. Their activities cover manned and unmanned spacecraft, launch/re-entry vehicles, control centres, robotics and a wide range of information systems.

Why TriFinance?

A business controller with 10 years’ experience left SpaceApps for a new adventure. For a small company in a specific niche, it is not easy to find new employees. Talking to an acquaintance (at Boston Consulting Group), the Administration Department Manager (ADM) Ms. Françoise Glinne got very positive feedback about BCG’s collaboration with TriFinance, so Françoise decided to contact TriFinance.

The challenge

Françoise had to replace a Project Controller with 10 years of experience in several companies. That was the first challenge. Other challenges were the implementation of a new project reporting tool, an European Commission audit and working together with engineers.
Our Business Manager Dimitri saw the perfect fit with our project consultant Anne Binard, who had only one year experience, but many capacities in analysis, and positive feedback at her previous project. Françoise trusted Dimitri’s comments and felt an immediate ‘match’ with Anne.

As Anne wanted to learn more about Controlling, this project came up at the perfect moment. She knew she would have to stretch in this mission, but she was not scared as she knew she would learn ànd bring a lot, by working in a small and growing company.
She gave support to Project Managers for about 50 projects won by Spaceapps with the European Space Agency (ESA) or the European Commission. At the same time she got responsibility for the further implementation of a new project reporting tool and she was the point of contact to the external developer. Thanks to all this, she learned a lot of things in the domain of hard and soft skills, as well as project management.

The result

Françoise indicates that she and Anne found out many things by their collaboration, e.g. during the European Commission audit and by the further implementation of the new project tool. “Anne was always on the ball and we worked closely together without any conflict, always with mutual respect and transparent communication.”
To Françoise, it was a nice feeling to see Anne’s evolution and being able to assist her with her own personal and professional skills. In the collaboration with TriFinance, she also liked the efficiency, friendliness, openness and transparency on the duration of the mission.

Learnings for our project consultant

Anne learned different aspects of business/project controlling, and developed her hard and soft skills by taking up the challenge of having responsibility in her function at SpaceApps.
Although she loved it and knew that she would learn a lot of extra things by staying at SpaceApps, she felt that her heart is in process improvement. So she decided to take up another challenge at our Blue Chip Boutique CFO Services.
"Thanks to TriFinance’s tools such as Living Me inc. and BSK (Behavioral, Skill & Knowledge Framework), my Business Manager and my Coach knew that I wanted to evolve towards process improvement. And so I got firstly the opportunity to gain experience in project controlling at SpaceApps and finally to move to CFO Services.”

Publicatiedatum: 21 augustus 2018
Anne and I worked closely together, in a transparent atmosphere.
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