Matexi on the importance of doing your homework

Real estate developer Matexi is calling on the MI&S-expertise to implement a powerful budgeting tool within SAP BPC. Maarten Lauwaert, MI&S manager, draws lessons from the project: software implementation companies tend to underestimate the workload. So: do your homework properly.

Matexi is one of the largest real estate development companies in Belgium. For more than five years already, Matexi is having a close cooperation with MI&S. Maarten Lauwaert, manager at MI&S, has been involved since day one. ‘One of the major projects was the functional design of the analytical structure of the SAP ERP-system.’

In a later stage, the focus went on to the implementation of Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), the CPM-tool in SAP. Lauwaert: ‘the focus was on project budgeting. With over 650 active projects in the company, this turned out to be a heavy job. We discovered a lack of uniformity in the budgeting. So we developed an Excel template that would create this needed uniform way of working with costs, margins, assumptions etc. Coming to one and the same calculation methodology was a prerequisite for this project to be successful.’

The BPC-tool went live in the summer of 2017. Today, three MI&S consultants are focusing on the migration of all existing projects in the tool. The aim is to make the tool powerful enough to forecast cash flow.

According to Lauwaert, the success of this project lays in a profound preparation. ‘The software implementation company tends to underestimate the workload. Such a project typically needs persons who at the same time have a deep understanding of the business and are capable of talking about technical details with the software implementation company. Thanks to MI&S’s unique positioning, we can live up to this need. It all comes down to doing a decent homework before you start the migration of all projects. Preparation is key. The Excel template was a very good proof of concept, that still helps our consultants in their migration work. Never underestimate the time you need to do a great job!’

Publicatiedatum: 10 april 2019
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