From AP Team Member to AP Supervisor


Renewi, created in 2017 by the merger of Shanks and Van Gansewinkel, is a leading waste-to-product business, well positioned to be part of the solution to some of the main environmental problems facing society today: reducing waste, avoiding pollution, and preventing the unnecessary use of finite natural resources.

Why TriFinance?

As the merger brought some challenges to the work floor, the company needed the support of people who were immediately ‘up and running’: 1 Accounts Payable Team Member, 1 Accounts Payable Team Leader and 1 General Ledger Team Member. In this context, they contacted TriFinance.

The challenge

Our consultant started as Accounts Payable Team Member at Shanks, in Zaventem. As the company was in a complex merger process, this had an impact on the communication flow. Our consultant started exploring the way of working to get more knowledge about the financial processes.
As he got used to the way of recording invoices and managing the day-to-day payments, he started finding out how the cleaning and General Ledger transactions worked. Finding out things on his own, allowed him to push himself beyond the working routine and to clean Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable/General Ledger positions.

A few months later, the former Van Gansewinkel team actually joined the former Shanks team in Zaventem. At that point, it was really important that TriFinance fully supported the team to transfer and hand over all the necessary knowledge to the new combined Renewi team.
Finally everything moved to the Lommel Shared Service Center, where there is a very efficient communication flow. In November, Yorik’s role evolved to AP Supervisor for Renewi Netherlands. There, he managed and coached a team of 11 people.

The result

All the financial information got migrated from IBS to Exact. This led to some complications at first, but in the end these problems were solved in the optimization phase.
There were also some challenges regarding the new mapping of the legacy financial accounts. This got solved by keeping an up-to-date excel and communicating/proposing this to the General Ledger team that created this mapping.


Yorik learned a lot in the field of soft skills and in a leading function, especially how to communicate to and with your team. He already had some experience in Accounts Payable, but also there, he has seen new things. It happened that they discovered invoices dating from 2012, so it was interesting to learn what to do in those specific situations.
“Thanks to the on-the-job learning and coaching, I could be successful in this project. Also the mentoring and coaching of my mentor, business manager and TriFinance coach contributed to the success.” 

Publicatiedatum: 27 mei 2019
Yorik: ”As teamleader, I’ve learned how to communicate efficiently with my team.”
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