Delhaize: first experience in SAP implementation

Delhaize Belgium has been operating a SAP implementation since 2007. The project was divided in 4 big phases. Our project consultant Anne Altenberg was involved in the final phase. She took up the challenge to work in SAP for the first time.


Delhaize Belgium is one of the biggest players in retail in Belgium. The group has a high-quality reputation and with the force of the new Ahold-Delhaize group, it has the opportunity to strengthen its position even more on the Belgian market.

Why TriFinance?

TriFinance has a long history with Delhaize. Consultants have been working in all (financial) departments and all sites (Ossegem, Anderlecht, Zellik). At this moment, almost 10 consultants of TriFinance are working at Delhaize Belgium.

The challenge

Delhaize Belgium was looking for someone to execute and coordinate the SAP testing for the implementation. Specifically, for the O2C flow (store sales, client invoices, payments, …).
A full documentation of all tests executed needed to be done in ALM (project follow-up tool).
Also training documentation needed to be written and training given to the DLL end-users.
The person who had started the tests (within her daily work) had left the company, and her boss who was in the lead, would be leaving within 2 months.

For Anne, as her first project within TriFinance, it was a really big challenge, as she had never worked in SAP before. “However, I was very eager to learn it, so I took this opportunity. Also, I have done testing of new IT solutions before (Ippac/AS400), and the link between business, finance and IT was a great experience. I enjoyed the testing phase very much, and although it was sometimes a little bit stressful, everything went smoothly.”

“I had more difficulty with the writing of the training material. As I didn’t know the day-to-day job of the end-users, I found it difficult to integrate the new processes into their work schedule. But with some help from the other consultants on the project, we did a great team effort to deliver very complete and accessible documentation.
The training session for the end-users (15-25 people per session) went very well.
I stayed for one more month after Go-live to handle the ‘hypercare’ period, where bugs and incidents that are linked to the project, are reported.”

The result

99% of the tests were executed with a positive result. The Go-live of the project went through as planned, and only small incidences were reported afterwards.
“End-users were very happy with the documentation they received”, Anne explains. “I think that the project was a great success (for DLL, but also for me).
At the end of the project, I was asked to stay at Delhaize Belgium for the Go-live of the reporting SAP BO as well. My experience from the testing phase was very helpful. I could easily make the link between the transactional process in SAP and the problems they would have in reporting.”


“For me the most important point was to acquire knowledge in SAP, and this was fully achieved. I really loved working in SAP and this was definitely not my last SAP project.
I also learned a lot in project management, especially with numerous stakeholders and not on-site teams. To extend my knowledge of process in a large company like Delhaize, was a great extra to take along.”

Publicatiedatum: 18 juni 2019
Anne Altenberg: “To extend my knowledge in a large company like Delhaize, was a great extra!”
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