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Freelance assignments | Procurement & supply chain | CFO Services

  • Groupe de fonction Project & process management
  • Nombre d'heures par semaine: 38
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Moving beyond the finance function, TriFinance ’s CFO Services is an expert unit offering innovative solutions to the C-level community, specializing in change management, business process transformation, complexity reduction, procurement & supply chain, credit management, corporate reporting and data mining. We assess, give advice, ensure successful implementation of the solution and provide pragmatic operational support for a wide range of clients. We are always striving for high quality and tailor-made solutions.

Our Procurement and Supply Chain practice focuses on three main activities:

  • support companies during phases of increased workload and organizational transition.
  • evaluation and improvement of core processes.
  • assist in defining the appropriate system requirements, leveraging our client experience in all facets of procurement and supply chain operations.
To support our growth in the Procurement and Supply chain Practice, CFO services is currently looking to expand it’s freelance network. Our network enables us to reply to the increasing demand for Procurement and Supply chain Professionals. 

​​​​​As part of our platform and as freelance consultant, you will contribute to our combination of services by providing your expertise in this fast moving sector and to our clients based anywhere in Belgium according to your preferences.


  • Upfront preparation and support during the hiring process from application submission to placement
  • Administrative process managed by TriFinance
  • Periodic contacts with TriFinance
  • Mentoring, sound boarding and quality assurance
  • Support with technical expertise
  • Optimal payment process
  • Events and networking initiatives
  • You benefit from a networking and knowledge sharing organization
We need your know-how to continue our growth together! If you share our beliefs, pragmatic approach and entrepreneurial spirit, please contact us.

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Kelly Oerlemans