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Enabling people to grow, it’s why we do what we do

    Training Courses

    We grow through the growth of our people - Me inc.®’ers (me incorporated). This unique idea and a strong vision on people has made us one of the forerunners in the field of Learning and Development.

    The only logical next step for us, is to share this knowledge externally, with our clients and other organizations. They can benefit from our practical hands-on expertise in Finance and Learning and Development.

    That’s why we created a high quality training offering. These training courses are developed and given by trainers who are experts in their domain. They are actively working on projects in their field of expertise. In other words, trainers who know what it’s like to sit in your seat. They create trainings based on your needs with hands-on, actual cases.

    We do this with passion, a passion for “furthering people”. Stemming from the believe that this is key to achieve growth as a person. To achieve growth in any organization.

    Our current training offering

    Eva Baes Learning & Development Expert - TriTraining
    +32 491 10 08 30