The unique combination

TriFinance offers a unique combination of services. The unique part is how we look at solutions. We consider the different options and look beyond the issues at hand. And we can do that because we are well organised. Our Business Units each have a specific focus and the power of our approach is based on the combinations we can make, something you will not find with a traditional provider. We do not think in boxes, nor are we restricted by a specific structure.

Some concrete examples of how we go about it in practice:

  • Business Intelligence: we do not only look at functional matters (via Management Information & Systems), but we also include the IT-technical (Tri ICT) side of the issue
  • ERP approach: this often only involves the implementation of a tool and the bridge to the business is not or not sufficiently made
  • Industry knowledge: thanks to our experience we can approach different industries across Business Units. Corporates, for instance, can benefit from our expertise in the bank and insurance branch
  • Assessment Centre: if after assessing an internal candidate for a certain position it turns out that this person lacks experience, we can offer extra support through coaching and mentoring and thus accelerate the candidate's growth process. Permanent recruitment is not necessary in that case
  • Processes: we do not only come up with process improvements based on a functional quick scan (as-is and to-be situation), we also take into account the evolutions in terms of process mining and process documentation;...

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A unique combination of services
A unique combination of services