Recruitment, Search & Selection

TriFinance is the partner of choice for finance professionals who want to take their career into their own hands.

Every year, we meet more than 2,000 people with financial profiles, and of these we help some 190 candidates annually to find their next destination. That’s why we are also the unique point of contact for organisations that are searching for suitable staff.

Furthering people

Everything at TriFinance revolves around furthering people, that is, helping them to grow. We guide young potentials, middle managers and executives to the next step in their professional careers. We have a personal relationship with them and with our customers. This means that we are successful at all levels in our constant search for the perfect match.

Personal and transparent approach

We help the customer to define his or her needs, as well as the competencies and services required, and once we have mutually determined which type of colleague would be desirable, we begin our search. As a network organisation, we do all this on the basis of our expertise and knowledge of the market. We screen, select and transparently create a shortlist with names that not only fully match the selection criteria, but also fit with the company culture and with the team in which the person would be working. As well as searching for and selecting the right profiles, we pay equal attention to follow-up: the evaluation and development of the new employee. In this way, we guarantee an optimal return

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