Project Management & PMO

Project Management supports your company to convert ideas into reality. It aligns all interested parties in the project, provides clear lines of communication and structures the initiatives according to a plan.

Project management is an art which cannot simply be learned from a book. The TriFinance Project Framework is based on our very extensive experience in managing projects in the domain of ERP, M&A processes, Business Intelligence, Shared Service Centres, etc. If requested, we can give advice about adapted methods by means of organising a Project Management Office (PMO).

Our employees have mastered several well-known methodologies such as Prince 2, PMI, PMBOK, Six Sigma, Lean, Agile, Scrum and Crystal Clear. Human interaction is often more decisive in the success of a project than the method used. The sponsor of the project determines and monitors the progress of the set objectives, the field specialists define their requirements, IT implements work flows, process managers monitor the flow of the future process. The Project Leader and his team are the spider in the web and monitor the progress and budget. We have the expertise and the people who master this game and can therefore deploy the right man or woman in the right place, at the right time.

Our approach is always adapted to the specific needs of our customers. Pragmatism, our trademark, is combined with the best practices in the market.

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