Business Process Management & Improvement

TriFinance approaches Business Process Management from the perspective of efficient business processes. Making these processes more efficient and effective is our purpose.

Our approach consists of closely involving operational staff in design processes and to integrate their contribution in the outline of the new processes. We believe that BPM is, first of all, a human-oriented activity and, to a lesser extent, a technical exercise. The description of process flows and function descriptions, either with or without process mining, is a necessary first step, but the real added value lies in the involvement of the people performing this activity. This approach results in an optimal and workable design, and it also ensure the acceptance of new processes in the workplace.

Our experts are very experienced in the principles of lean process management, but we never allow the form prescribed by one theory to prevail. We give preference to the principles relevant for a specific situation, even if it deviates from the theory. Our methods allow for a systematic and specific approach which thoroughly changes the way in which people in your organisation work and think.

In short, we start from our business perspective and

  • focus on core processes (order to cash, purchase to pay, record to report, ...)
  • apply the lean principles
  • adjust to the customer’s needs
  • strongly involving the people on the floor.
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