Treasury & Working Capital Management

Never before were treasurers under so much pressure to improve their efficiency and cash flow and to optimise working capital. The most important drivers for this are cost reduction, value creation and increased transparency.

We see the following major challenges in the domain of treasury and working capital:

  • improving visibility and control (local and cross-border cash poolings, cross-currency pooling, netting, in-house banking)
  • more liquidity generated based on working capital (internal- and bank funding (external): DSO and DPO analysis and improvement, outsourcing of debt administration, taking the same administration back in-house, securitisation, debt restructuring, bank cost analysis
  • implementation of process standardisation and automation (payment variants, SEPA CT and DD, purchase to pay process analyses, order-to-cash process analyses, bank selection and rationing, cash flow and cash flow forecasting
  • application of the next generation technology (system integration and interfacing, straight through processes (STP) - bank connections (Isabel, SWIFT), treasury, work stations)
  • improved strategy and organisation (studies on centralisation, treasury policy, treasury quick scan, risk management and risk hedging, training, coaching, selection and recruitment of treasury staff).

Due to our practical experience we are able to outline the entire process and the impact within the organisation. In doing so, we do not just look at partial elements, but also maintain a broad overview. We emphatically and pragmatically involve different departments to increase involvement. In addition, new technologies such as data mining and process mining can also make a difference.

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