Strategy & Organisation

We think together with our customers about the strategy and challenges of the organisation. Not only for the financial department, but for the entire company.

We deploy our best people to achieve this, people with years of practical experience at the highest levels. Our specialists use the newest tools to provide insights in the commercial and operational reality of the company or department being assisted.

Our approach is always tailored to the company or organisation and their specific corporate culture. It is made up of the following building blocks:

  • processes, systems and people
  • definition of a clear mission
  • development of a vision where processes, systems and people are integrated in a coherent plan for the future: at department level this often results in the definition of a target operating model. In this process it is essential to select the appropriate leadership style
  • definition of a strategy and benefit map
  • development of a cockpit which, thanks to relevant KPIs, allows for effective follow-up of the selected strategy.
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