Risk & Compliance

Identifying and understanding business processes and related issues and risks are key to managing and improving the activities of a company or organisation. Effective management of risks and processes, compliance and efficient implementation of existing and new regulations protect and optimise each business.

TriFinance offers support with risk and process management, always in line with the company’s culture, strategy and objectives. We benchmark processes against best practices and always use new technologies: data mining, process mining, etc.

Our solutions:

  • identification and prioritising of major operating risks
  • action plans for dealing with the risks that threaten the business strategy, setting up an internal audit function or conducting financial, operational, IT or compliance audits (for example, Sarbanes-Oxley), fraud audits, implementations of new regulations: IFRS, Solvency 2, Basel3, MiFID,...
  • innovative views of risks based on strategic opportunities: EPM and ERM hand in hand
  • (cost) efficient use of resources
  • internal and external audit partnerships
  • transition from function oriented and location oriented auditing to process and system auditing
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