Procurement & Supply Chain

CFO Services offers professional services in procurement and supply chain through a flexible and specialized pool of consultants with relevant operational experience. What differentiates us is the do-how attitude of our team, our pragmatic way of working, and our project monitoring from start to delivery.


The Supply Chain and Procurement practice focuses on three main activities:

  • Transition & support: We support you during phases of increased workload and organizational transition. For all key functions and activities, our team provides functional and management expertise.
  • Pragmatic advisory: We partner with you for the evaluation and improvement of core processes. Our services help to accelerate initiatives and reduce operating costs. Specifically, we help you to improve vendor data quality, bidding and purchasing activities, planning and control of inventory, the efficiency of logistics operations, and the tracking of cost.
  • Tool selection and project implementation: We assist in defining the appropriate system requirements, leveraging our client experience in all facets of procurement and supply chain operations. We provide the know-how required to select, upgrade, and implement your technology and software environment. Our experts support and guide you during the implementation of new technology investments. Our network of partners ensures access to state of the art software and ERP capabilities.


Our pragmatic approach is Do-How: it combines experience (do) and functional knowledge (know-how).
We have a team of professionals that can offer operational expertise, knowledge of the most recent ERP systems and consulting experience. We provide the right professionals to handle your daily operations, to solve specific problems
and advise on new solutions.

Our consultants have experience in a wide range of companies and industries which allows us to match the required capabilities with the needs of your organization. We constantly build our expertise to address the growing needs in procurement and supply chains. Our professionals do not produce extensive reports, instead they focus on impacting your operational performance and results.


To create measurable benefits, we provide you with:
  • A team of professionals with various level of operational experience, from junior to senior profiles
  • A commitment to work side by side at all levels of the organization to create buy-in and improve results
  • A methodology to analyze and improve core operational processes, from root cause analysis to implementation
  • A portfolio of technology vendors to improve the productivity and quality of your supply chain operations

Jean-Marie Bequevort Expert Practice Leader - CFO Services
+32 2 712 08 90
Vacancies in Procurement & Supply Chain

For its Procurement and Supply Chain practice, CFO Services is currently looking for the following profiles:
Junior Procurement Consultant
As a Junior Procurement Consultant, you will support our clients in their procurement process. More specifically, at our clients, you will be responsible for your own markets, suppliers and products, and support the senior buyers in their operational work. Gradually, you will develop your negotiations skills, starting with easier purchases and evolving to more complex products and services. Read more.

Senior Supply Chain Consultant
As a Senior Supply Chain Consultant, you will support our clients in their supply chain process. More specifically, you will be responsible for a part of the supply chain activities related to stock management, forecasting, order processing and capacity planning. Based on your expertise, you will advise the customers in finding solutions for their supply chain issues. Read more.

Expert Manager Procurement and Supply Chain
As an Expert Manager you will be responsible for the development of the practice by actively acquiring new projects and clients, while maintaining good relationships with existing clients. You will manage project teams and help to develop their skills. Your expertise is demonstrated by your technical capabilities and professional knowledge in the areas of supply chain and procurement. Read more.