Management Information

We have a clear vision about what good management information is and how to obtain it by means of a harmonious coordination of systems, processes and people.

This is not just a matter of maximum organisation and the use of ERP systems. We also assist you in converting transactional data into aggregated business information and in organising high-quality source data. Because these are essential for the delivery of high-quality management information.

Throughout the information pyramid we work with the most transparent, efficient and affordable set-up of the different layers. We do not require you to buy additional software if it is not strictly necessary. TriFinance is also independent from software suppliers, which allows us to choose the right solution, tailored to the needs of a specific customer.

TriFinance is strong in advising, developing and implementing:

  • a Corporate Performance Management framework (CPM) which allows management to make efficient decisions in line with strategy
  • a Business Intelligence environment
  • ERP systems and processes, from the transactional environment up to financial reporting
  • processes that improve and monitor the quality of your master data and other source data.

We can also offer a total solution using a combination of functional and (ICT) technical expertise.

Discover our unique training offering: training for controllers, by controllers.

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