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Information technology plays a very important role in our lives today. Both in the way we behave and socialize privately as the way it drives our businesses and organizations we work for. A modern managed organization does not see IT as a cost center anymore, but rather as an enabler and driver for the business or helping organizations in achieving more. 

TriICT is a business unit, part of the TriFinance organization, bringing business and technology together. We focus not only on technical implementation but also on the business impact of everything we do, whether this is measured in financial outcomes, quality, service level or customer satisfaction.

TriICT has 3 key domains of expertise, so called IT practices:

Modern Workplace

TriICT offers technical, project management and strategic expertise helping organizations to evolve from the classic desk(top) to a flexible workspace. We offer support and services for migration projects of productivity platforms to the cloud. Services include: project management, technical implementation, migration support, change management and training.

Data for Business

Business Intelligence and advanced reporting still is, according to Gartner, one of the top CIO priorities (and will remain so in the coming years). Based on the experience of many of the TriFinance consultants involved in projects with reporting or migration needs, it is clear that organizations have a challenge with their data consistency. Many have legacy systems and scattered data sources making it difficult to implement specific reporting systems or migrate from one ERP to another. To help organizations overcome these challenges, TriICT offers services in database design, cleaning and transformations.


Digitizing is everywhere. It defines the way sales and marketing processes are changed or defined, it influences the way customers and suppliers are communicating with each other, it requires IT departments handling projects more agile, it really has changed the way organizations look at IT. TriFinance has years of experience in Project, Process and Change management, we offer our expertise to make sure digitizing projects land successfully. Our services (including functional analysis, project management, application development, change management and software asset management) combine both technical and organizational expertise.

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