TriFinance offers your organization a clear, pragmatic path to GDPR-compliance, using a three-part model.

On the path to GDPR compliance, three hurdles have to be taken:
  1. Legal compliance: all contracts and agreements with clients, partners and employees should be made GDPR compliant. Every single contract should be reviewed and adapted.
  2. Security: all data kept by your organization should be adequately protected and guarded. An infrastructure should be available to notify data breaches to the Data Protection Authority. 
  3. Dataflow: What is the source or origin of your data? How is this data handled or processed? Who handles the data for what reason? Where is the data transferred?

At the core of this compliance-track is your data dictionary /register. It contains an overview of all the sensitive and personally identifiable information that your organization stores and processes.

This is what TriFinance can do for you:


Awareness sessions

Awareness is the first step towards the mindshift that GDPR requires. Everybody in your organization should be aware of what GDPR actually is, how it impacts their daily job and how they should act under the new regulation. During awareness sessions (available both for general management and employees) we share the key insights needed to enable the mindshift.

GDPR Quickscan

Each organization is different. Information that can facilitate the implementation of GDPR could be hidden somewhere in your organization. Understanding how you handle data is crucial to determine the plan forward. During our Quickscan we look at key business areas, assessing what is needed and how to prioritize the steps in your organization depending on existing information. The Quickscan can also include an audit of current IT processes, systems and behaviors with specific focus on GDPR.


GDPR Implementation

Once the areas for improvement have been identified, we create a clear and pragmatic implementation plan focusing on the biggest risks. A data register, data policies and procedures, contract reviews and IT security are the backbone of our implementation plan. We can set up a practice to better understand current and future IT architectures and the impact of GDPR on apps, systems and processes. Our advisory will help your organization reach compliance in the most efficient and pragmatic way, which always includes the transfer of knowledge to the organization.

GDPR Framework

Privacy awareness should become part of your culture. That's why CFO Services has developed a framework that facilitates your organization to continuously meet legislation. By connecting the data register, business processes and IT infrastructure in one environment, the framework creates better insights, more visibility and potential improvements. In combination with compliance procedures (including data breach handling and data access requests) the framework also creates continuous awareness in your entire organization, actually bringing GDPR to life. By maximizing the use and control of data, this central framework will turn the performed effort to be compliant into a strategic advantage


Do you want to know how GDPR will impact your domain? Are you looking for knowledge and insights to assess where you stand as an organization?
Our trainings will help you understand how GDPR impacts different domains like HR, Sales, Marketing, Credit Management and more. For each domain, we have developed a one day training, helping you to translate GDPR legislation into a clear understanding of the true impact.

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GDPR Fast-Track Sessions
GDPR Fast-Track Sessions
Remaining one step ahead of GDPR

Handling personal data in a GDPR compliant way, is a matter of continuous engagement that requires a fundamental change of mindset. To help you achieve that mindset, CFO Services developed a framework that connects the data register, business processes and IT infrastructure in one environment.By visualizing data processing activities and GDPR supportive processes in daily operations, the GDPR framework clearly increases GDPR awareness in the entire organization. Project consultant Joris Geens explains.