Financial Business Applications

Processes need systems. Because TriFinance does not sell specific software, we can propose the best system depending on your situation.

But we can also do more. We assist our customers throughout the process from needs analysis to the smooth integration of an application in existing systems. We also take care of specific phases of the project.

At TriFinance we have acquired expertise within a number of fields:

  • ERP: SAP, Agresso, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, ... Studies show that one in two ERP implementations fails. Therefore, it is more than important to choose the right process. An independent project manager is essential to this cause. Successful implementation processes succeed in translating all expectations into high-quality processes, systems and data. We have noticed that this does not always work, because we also carry out a lot of second-wave ERP processes where we provide added value that was not achieved with the initial implementation
  • BI: Cognos, Business Objects, Hyperion, BPC, Microsoft, Pentaho, ... We are familiar with all current BI, reporting and CPM systems. Our consultants know these environments as users, but they are also capable of translating the business requirements into adequate ICT-technical set-ups. In doing so, our reasoning is based on a wide business perspective and not merely on a finance perspective. Operational reporting based on sales, logistics and HR perspectives are inherent to BI processes
  • Credit control systems: iController, OnGuard, … On the basis of the order-to-cash processes we look at how we can reduce workload and increase transparency in view of management reporting. Because debt management is a customer process, increasing customer satisfaction is a major goal of this exercise
  • E-invoicing: Arco, Exarte, ... We do not choose a specific system straight away but first propose an e-invoicing concept. Together with the customer and supported by our experience and knowledge we discover the right process, aiming to the increased efficiency of the administrative processes and an improved internal control environment.
    • Increased efficiency and transparency of AR/AP processes
    • Improved internal control environment and audit process
    • Self-billing as a solution for intercompany reconciliation
    • An environmentally-friendly, paperless process
  • Documentation tools: Mavim, Mega, ... We consider process documentation as a goal to an end (i.e. proactive process improvement), not an end in its own right. Process documentation is not the most sexy business topic we can think of, but we absolutely need thorough documentation for overview, insight and transparency in processes, roles and systems.  We make sure you can use everything that already exists and make sure not to present it in the old fashioned way, but make it attractive, to guarantee buy-in. We strive towards an accessible information and knowledge sharing, wiki-like network that is easy to consult and publish, giving everyone access to full and recent information, allowing for feedback and quality checks, thus both supporting employess with their operational processes and keeping them involved.
  • Consolidation tools: Cognos Controller, BFC, HFM (Hyperion), ... financial reporting is a process that leaves little room for inefficiency. Our experts assist the consolidation team in managing and improving the reporting processes. Besides we advise on the choice and implementation of consolidation tools.  
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