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‘MI&S Controlling on Demand’ is a new service by Management Information & Systems to help you get the right figures and insights to steer your business. It offers upgraded management information through two distinct services: ‘MyInSights’ (Reporting as a Service) and ‘Controller on Demand.’


 MyInSights’ is a unique reporting dashboard based on Power BI, with pre-packed and detailed financial, sales and HR reports. It connects to your data sources and reports your figures fast. Based on MI&S’s deep controlling expertise, MyInSights provides KPI’s in easy to use dashboards:
  • Finance dashboards with managerial P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements, …
  • Working capital dashboards about accounts receivable, accounts payable, stock, …
  • Profitability dashboards identifying profitable customers, products, projects, …
  • HR dashboards about staff activities, …

Controller on Demand

 Time to move from correct figures to business decisions. Subscribe and get a controller from MI&S who translates data into real insights and ultimately into better management decisions. Use the service just as often as you like. Think of it as a personal controlling butler…

    Why subscribe?

    • Easy and fast set-up
    • No hardware investment needed
    • Proven technology
    • Takes care of your data flows. You can concentrate on the business
    • Value for money: both tool and controller at affordable prices
    • Controller helps to interpret data and turn them into decisions
    • Service just as much as you need

    How does it work?

     MI&S Controlling on Demand can be fully tailored to the size and needs of your company. Either subscribe to only one of the two services, or to both.
    • ‘MyInSights’: fixed one-time implementation fee plus monthly fee for the usage of the reporting package.
    • ‘Controller on Demand’: daily consultancy fee. Order just the amount of days you need.

    Note that part of your investment can be refunded by the Flemish Government thanks to the 'KMO-Portefeuille'. Read the details here

    Are you ready?

    Curious about Controlling on Demand?
    First get a demo and discover what’s in it for you. Convinced?
    We will be more than happy to create a package tailored to your needs.

    Mail to controllingondemand@trifinance.be

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