Our philosophy: CareerHub®, Service Philosophy and BaseCamp

At TriFinance, our team of highly motivated MeInc’ers offers our clients high quality-solutions with a pragmatic twist. Our way of working is based on three pillars : the CareerHub®, our Service Philosophy and BaseCamp.


The CareerHub® is our working environment, a nodal point in our network. It empowers each of our finance professionals to choose the direction of his professional growth. This often leads to new paths, new destinations and new ideas. We support this with coaching, on-the-job training and access to our knowledge-sharing network. In other words, everything is built on the foundation of our Economies of Motivation® philosophy.

Service Philophy

At TriFinance, we always connect thinking and doing. Our consultants have the financial expertise – both theoretical and practical – to deliver bespoke solutions to every unique organization.


BaseCamp is our internal team that links consultants to clients. Composed of financial consultants, sales professionals and HR/Recruitment specialists, BaseCamp provides mentoring, coaching and on-the-job training to ensure the quality of our services.

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TriFinance Philosophy
TriFinance Philosophy