"Life is beautiful if you look at it with the right glasses."

    Welcome at TriFinance!

    Welcome to the world of TriFinance – financial consulting, where motivated professionals offer tailored solutions to the challenges faced by their clients.

    Our service offering is unique, combining services – advice, temporary support and recruitment & selection – in a pragmatic, value-added package. We don’t produce extensive reports, instead we deliver concrete solutions that fit the exact needs of our clients. Our company network is flat. Why flat? Because we value entrepreneurship and open communication and we don’t believe in hierarchy. And a network, because it allows us to quickly set up new connections to offer and share knowledge. Our clients benefit from this network, and from the speed and service levels that are typical for small companies.

    How do we achieve this? By working as a network of small companies, each utilizing the skills and talents of our finance professionals for the best outcome for our clients. This is our Economies of Motivation® philosophy at work: highly motivated people delivering the best results for themselves and our clients.